The Art of the Résumé

When is a résumé not just a résumé?

When looks and content work together to form a complete picture of the person it represents.

Case Study: Client in the Logistics Industry


This project involved reworking a résumé for a client with experience in the logistics industry and several related fields.

We looked at his career as as series of intersecting points – from aviation instructor and flight support customer service to data analyst and master planner – and devised a visual representation of how these points came together, showcasing his unique experience.

Borrowing from Harry Beck's famous map of the London Underground, we plotted each "line" of the client's career, with the length of employment determining the length of each line. Various "stops" on each line represent the different jobs held with each employer.

You'll see that the final piece lacks nothing you would expect to see in a standard résumé – bullet points tracking highlights of each position held, dates of employment, etc. – but the design itself allowed us to present this information in a linear (yet non-linear) format. This enables potential employers to see each employment "line" individually and yet as part of a whole.

It is also immediately arresting, setting our client's job application apart from the rest at a glance.