The Great Outdoors!

Originally a television series about the plants and animals of the South Carolina Lowcountry, Coastal Kingdom contacted us when they decided to expand their audience by offering episodes online. The show was already a staple for local educators, and so making it available to any interested teachers (as well as their students) was the next logical step in their mission.

With video hosting via Vimeo, we were able to offer complete, 30-minute HD episodes as well as an index of individual clips of each plant and animal highlighted on the show. To add to the educational value of the site, we incorporated a blog (Tony's Notebook), a brief scientific description of all the wildlife seen on the show (Field Guide) and an in-depth, scrap-book narrative tracing the careers of the show's host and director. We also included "Resources for Educators," with review questions for each episode and an outline of the South Carolina K-12 Science Standards met by the series.

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