A Tale of Three Restaurants

Meet three Savannah restaurants: Papillote, Moon River Brewing Company and Angel's BBQ.

Savannah is a very popular tourist destination, so all three sites had to be tailored to reach hungry out-of-towners. Because of this, it was especially important that each Web site convey a very real sense of each establishment, both food and atmosphere.



Papillote specializes in authentic French cuisine to-go. Their atmosphere is casual (yet refined), playful (but not silly) – impeccable food served with plastic forks and paper napkins. Their menu ranges from Bouchée a la Reine and Croque Monsieur to macarons and Croûte à Thé.

Their daily specials are vital to bringing in return local traffic, so it was imperative that these be easily accesible to site visitors without disrupting the home page, which offers views of their interior and exterior (crucial to tourists).

View Papillote's Web Site


Moon River Brewing Company

Moon River Brewing Company is a full-service restaurant and Savannah's only brew pub. They needed a site that reached three target audiences: tourists, reservations (both indiviual and special events) and their cadre of loyal regulars.

They also needed a space for a blog, their copious beer menu, an online store and archives highlighting their famous Friday Night Toast and the restaurant's purported paranormal activities!

View Moon River's Web Site


Angel's BBQ

Angel's BBQ serves, well, BBQ. (And some of the best greens and peanuts you'll ever eat!) Their target audience is comprised of BBQ afficianados of every stripe, especially among the local art students. They are quite literally a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, so detailed maps are a must, as well as a site that perfectly represents the Angel's dining experience (i.e., don't come expecting wait staff or the absence of hickory smoke!).

Known in some parts as "Savannah's only rock-n-roll BBQ," their customers return out of affection for the proprietors as much as their love for the food. Because of this, we wanted to give the husband and wife ownership team a place to communicate with their fans and so are developing "Andi Land" and "Aileen's Mail Bag."

View the Angel's BBQ Site

The Art of the Résumé

When is a résumé not just a résumé?

When looks and content work together to form a complete picture of the person it represents.

Case Study: Client in the Logistics Industry


This project involved reworking a résumé for a client with experience in the logistics industry and several related fields.

We looked at his career as as series of intersecting points – from aviation instructor and flight support customer service to data analyst and master planner – and devised a visual representation of how these points came together, showcasing his unique experience.

Borrowing from Harry Beck's famous map of the London Underground, we plotted each "line" of the client's career, with the length of employment determining the length of each line. Various "stops" on each line represent the different jobs held with each employer.

You'll see that the final piece lacks nothing you would expect to see in a standard résumé – bullet points tracking highlights of each position held, dates of employment, etc. – but the design itself allowed us to present this information in a linear (yet non-linear) format. This enables potential employers to see each employment "line" individually and yet as part of a whole.

It is also immediately arresting, setting our client's job application apart from the rest at a glance.